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Shock Testing

Scope and Description

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Best Practices and Lessons Learned

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White Paper

This page in the NASA Public Lessons Learned System recommends that thermal vacuum tests follow dynamics ... tests (e.g. vibration testing). It provides detailed guidance and motivation for this recommendation.

White Paper
US Department of Defense

This handbook provides in-depth guidance on testing of space vehicles. The testing covered includes structural ... loading, thermal vacuum, thermal cycling, thermal balance, pressure testing, burn-in, random vibration, acoustic, and pyroshock - among others. This is a dated but comprehensive source of space hardware test environments and processes.


This ECSS standard details specific standards for ground testing of space flight hardware. The testing ... covered includes mechanical, structural, thermal, electrical, and RF - among others.

White Paper
Aerospace Corporation

"This Standard establishes the environmental and structural ground testing requirements for launch vehicles, ... upper-stage vehicles, space vehicles, and their subsystems and units. In addition, a uniform set of definitions of related terms is established."

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